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 Newangel 7d hifu facial skin tightening wrinkle removal body slimming machine

Here I would like to recommend you new 7D HIFU machine Model FU2 to check more details:

It is aiming for face skin lifting/wrinkle removal/ body fat reduction with amazing results!
hifu face lift machine

Latest 7D hifu machine is attactive in the market.
Effect of 7D HIFU increased by 30% compared to ordinary hifu
7 different carrtidges sizes for face and body treatment(Skin Tightening+Wrinkle Removal+ Body Slimming)
Energy is 0.1- 3J adjustable, different from other Hifu machine(2.0J)

hifu machine for sale

About the machine itself
It is standard with 2 handles: you can use it for both face and body;
Machine standard with 7 different cartridges:each cartridge has 20000 shots
1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm/4.5mm(for face) 6.0mm/9.0mm/13mm(for body)

hifu machine for sale

Is there any interesting to add this machine as a new project to your clinic? any interested in, welcome to reply us!

If you have any questions, such as technology, operation, parameter, customer review & feedback, please feel free to reply to this email or WhatsApp at +86 180 3429 9101. Let’s welcome a better 2021 together.

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