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MSDS antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis for skin protection

Port: Guangzhou

Certification: MSDS
Warranty: 3 years
Customized Service: OEM, ODM, logo

  • ETG3
  • Newangel
  • Use for: all cryolipolysis machine
  • Customized service: OEM, ODM, LOGO
  • Membrane Size: 34*42 CM
  • weight: 110g antifreeze membrane bag
  • Function: protect skin under low
  • Feature: more liquid
  • Cooling liquid: cooling gel
  • application place: salon or clinic
  • Packaging Detail: Tinfoil bag
  • Warranty time: 3 years
antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis different size
antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis


Cryolipolysis antifreeze membrane is an important and necessary part of every, single treatment with the most advanced method of eliminating fat - Cryolipolysis.Newangel antifreeze mebrane contains hypoallergenic substances that during development have proved most suitable for safe and clean handling and basic membrane was fabricated using a new, advanced technology nanostructures.antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis mads approved
NEWANGEL antifreeze mebrane is due to special packaging and a long expiry date at normal temperatures, thus allowing the salon without worrying to create a sufficient supply. 

NEWANGEL antifreeze mebrane is manufactured in factories in large quantities, so we are able to offer the best possible prices. 

NEWANGEL antifreeze mebrane has been in development successfully tested for use at temperatures well below freezing. 

NEWANGEL antifreeze mebrane has dimensions of 34 x 42 cm.

NEWANGEL antifreeze mebrane excellently and securely works well because it has been used to manufacture medical special fabric made of nanofibers.antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis best choiceantifreeze membrane cryolipolysis best choice

Antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis FAQ:
Q:What is antifreeze mambrane ?

A:When having cryolipolysis treatment you need protecting you skin using antifreeze mebrane, it effectively protect the skin from direct exposure to the low temperature, enables rapid management of cold air into the subcutaneous tissue to stored fat cells in order to effect the most efficient cryolipolysis, partially protects the skin from the upper part of the mechanical action of the suction head, nanofibers perfectly fill a gap fabrics to better protect the skin against irritation

Q:How many size about antifreeze mambrane
A:Here we offer you 3 sizes membrane to meet different size cryo handle.
S-- 28*28 cm (60 g)   
M-- 27*30 cm (70 g)  
L-- 34* 42 cm (110 g)

Q:Do you have any certification ?
A:Our antifreeze mebrane is MSDS approved. Despite the high initial development costs of the membrane we are able to offer the most affordable product on the market, but at the same time guarantee the stated requirements of the highest possible quality and fast availability.antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis manufacturer


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