It is safe to buy diode laser equipment in Chinese?

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It is safe to buy diode laser equipment in Chinese

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermodynamics. By properly adjusting the laser wavelength, energy and pulse width, the laser can pass through the surface of the skin to reach the hair follicles of the hair. Laser hair removal utilizes the "selective photothermal effect" of the laser. The hair follicle is directly irradiated through the epidermis by a laser that mediates to a specific wavelength. The hair follicles, the melanin of the hair dryer, selectively absorb light energy, and the resulting thermal effect causes the hair follicle to be necrotic, and the hair no longer grows. The light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, thereby causing the hair to lose its regenerative ability. Does not damage the surrounding tissue, the pain is slight.

There are many laser hair removal machines for household use in the market. We do not know how to choose domestically imported products. According to my many years of experience, I will first tell you that all the authentic home laser hair removal machines are basically the same in their effects and time. The only difference is that the production area is different, the quality is different, and the light-emitting area is different. Another important consideration is the cost of the later consumable lamps;

The origin of the major categories is imported and domestically produced, the price of imports is high, and the domestic prices are favorable; but to be honest, many imported machines are actually domestically produced, and they are returned to the foreigners after they have been repackaged abroad. It has become imported, and many domestic products are like this, so the price of imported flowers may not be able to buy authentic imported goods sometimes, this is a matter of opinion;

Quality, this is not easy to say, can only say that it is used to know, but must find a warranty, at least 2 years warranty, good reputation and high store to buy, but also to do professional, so it's safety to buy the 808 Diode laser machine from China.

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