How to use a dermaroller treatment

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How to use a dermaroller treatment

Dermaroller treatment

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1. Take a clean container, pour the right amount of 75% medical alcohol, soak the microneedles for about 20 minutes, rinse the microneedles with saline, and rinse the alcohol on the microneedles

2. open bfgf, the solvent into the freeze-dried powder, fully dissolved

3. wash your hands with the alcohol hand sanitizer, wash your face, podoprofen wipe the face again, then wipe the face with saline

4. smear bfgf, rolling needle, repeat three times, pox pit where the accumulation can roll twice. Available micro-needle roller to "meters" shape back and forth rolling, sideways, vertical, diagonal, respectively, rolling several times, roll a few freeze-dried powder will be absorbed, and then wipe dry powder, then roll, Side of the freeze-dried powder, repeated 3-5 times, microneedle operation to moderate, full face operation time is about 15-20 minutes or so, time is not strict standards to skin redness prevail

5. then apply fine needle ice film, about 25 minutes

6. mask after coated egf and stock solution

7. microneedle treatmetn after 4 hours is the dangerous period, prone to infection, be sure to avoid entering the environment may cause pollution. Use a medical grade sterile mask with growth factor ingredients, which have a moisturizing function that can promote wound healing.

Do not wash your face within 10 hours

10-48 hours can be washed with saline

Micro needle after <72 hours: only do simple skin cleansing, moisturizing, promoting repair

72 hours -6 days: basic skin care, to avoid irritation, clean moisturizing sunscreen

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