Cryolipolysis machine

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Cryolipolysis machine

Cryolipolysis machine become more and more popular, now please allow me introduce our model fat freezing ETG15-4 to you, we have updated it this year, many clients has already experienced its different amazing results. Hoping to your early experience !

Then I want to give you more details about its high-performance:

Improvement for the machine:
1. the machine can test heart rate to make sure the safety in the process
2. the cryo handle attached green and red light, they will reduce the discomfort in the treatment. the performance is more stable, the clients will fell more comfortable in the treatment.
3. there attached the danger button in the screen, if it has some urgency, the client can press it when the beautician is absent
4. the machine has self-checking function, when it appear some questions, you can send us the self-checking results. we will solve the problem in time.


as the first manufacturer for this cryo fat freezing machine, we not only supply the best offer but also the best service such as the training, new design as you request, add the logo on the screen an so.


Come on and contact us freely. Hoping to your early reply. 

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