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Best microdermabrasion machine skin cleaning cheap price

Port: Guangzhou

Certification: CE
Warranty: 1 years
Customized Service: OEM, ODM, logo
  • SPA9.0
  • Newangel
  • Technology: water +diamond dermabrasion
  • Feature: Exfoliators, Pigmentation Correctors, Skin Rejuven
  • Working handles: crystal and diamond dermabrasion
  • Input: AC220V-230V/56-60HZ
  • Power: 150VA
  • Tips type: 9 diamond tips
  • Function: skin care and clean
  • Advantage: non-invasive diamond peel
  • Packing size: 53*41*43cm
  • Service: OEM, LOGO
Best microdermabrasion machine
Newangel Best Microdermabrasion facial beauty machine adoupt water dermabrasion and d iamond dermabrasion technology to i mprove skins rough, acne, pock, rough pores, p romote blood circulation.

Feature of the machine:
1)  Color LCD screen.
2)  Fashionable and environmentally friendly design.
3)  Automatic protection for the machine.
4)  Two working handles (one of water dermabrasion, one for diamond dermabrasion).
5)  Four different depths of treatment caps for different parts of the face.
6)  Adjustable negative pressure and water flux.
7)  Non-invasive treatment,no side effects.
Best microdermabrasion machine skin care
Best microdermabrasion machine advantages Best microdermabrasion machine head for deep cleaning

Application of Microdermabrasion facial diamond machine:
1.Shrink pores.

2.Tighten skin.
3.Dilute pigmentation.
4.Deeply clean dirts and metabolized thick cutin.
5.Promote deeply absorption of nutritional ingredients.
6.Remove wrinkles, acnes and scars.
7.Rejuvenate and whiten skin.
8.Increase circulation of blood and lymphatic system.

Best microdermabrasion machine details display




AC220V-230V/50-60Hz AC100V-110V/50-60Hz  


water +diamond dermabrasion






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