hifu machine professional
The newest Hifu machine-Fu4-1S, It is combined with Hifu and Lipohifu, 360-degree carving handles, DEP injection handle -New 4 in 1 Design for face skin lifting/wrinkle removal/body slimming​​​​​​​
face lifting​​​​​​​
skin tighten
wrinkle removal

body tightening​​​​​​​
body slimming
body shaping
Face treatment

--HIFU for face lifting
2.0mm special for eye wrinkles
1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm cartridges for face lifting, wrinkle removal
--360 degree carving handles
1.5mm + 3.0mm 360-degree carving handles improve skin elasticity
--DEP injection handle
superconducting water light handles, the only needle-free injection system.