Cryolipolysis fat freezing machine is very popular in the European and United States, it's the leading fashion and trends for face lifting and body slimming , the champion model on most of the exhibition, such as Germany, Italy, once experience it, you will fall in love with this machine.

-Secure fat freezing technology                                                                                      

-Super frozen wave and Anti- frostbite control technology                                              
-Dual- head simultaneous working technology                                                               
-The exclusive technology for vendor                                                                             
-Combination of vacuum, RF, and photon therapy                                                         
-Automatically recommend suitable treatment course and parameters                         
-Red/ green light to speed up blood circulation, reduce skin swelling during treatment 

1.New technology inteligent system for easy operation and fast treatment. 
2. Two handles working simultaneously:100/150/200 cryo handle for stubborn fat, Cryo 120 handle for double chin treatment, cryo pad for small parts.

3. Touch screen on the applicator makes it easy to adjust the setting.       

4. Emergency Stop Button: Press-ENG stop Reset-rotate 90°C.                

5. Movable Wheels:Easy moving, using imported materials, high durability.

      1. Red LED light: Speed up the blood circulation and oxygen to increase activity
2. Green LED light: Reduce the skin swelling in the freezing treatment safety
                   3. Touch screen on the applicator makes it easy to adjust the setting more convenient use
4. Freeze -9℃: Strong semiconductor cooling system for painless treatment
Newangel cryolipolysis machine price high quality, factory direct sale, new generation 7 in 1 multifunction design for whole body fat removal. CE approved cryolipolysis machine for sale fat reduction body slimming, any two handles working together save treatment time and make more profits.
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