What about your thought about diamond microdermabrasion

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What about your thought about diamond microdermabrasion

This is a kind of shallow physical therapy, which makes up for the shortcoming of chemical exfoliation. the vacuum suction method is used to adsorb the skin on diamond micro drill bits with different thickness. with appropriate suction force and the moving speed of the drill bit, the process of the treatment can be flexibly controlled . is a non-invasive therapy that is non-irritating, safe, simple, rapid and without side effects. Diamond micro-sculpture in addition to the rapid elimination of fine wrinkles, improve the skin pores and other cosmetic values, but also for some skin diseases have a certain effect, such as the treatment of acne, acne, pock scars, general scars or stretch marks and so on. skin dark or pigment printing can also be in the diamond microdermabrasion after the micro-carved, with the use of ultrasound into the e-whitening elements, to achieve the purpose of rapid removal of printed whitening.

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No pigmentation

Non-invasive treatment, it is not irritating, will not produce wounds

Can get rid of the face of the old dead skin, promote skin renewal

Improve pore permeability, promote the absorption of nutrients


Quchu acne India, pock scars:

Diamond micro-sculpture can completely remove the dead skin cells in the epidermis, promote skin cell renewal,

Improve the permeability of the pores, thereby reducing the generation of acne.

Improve facial skin:

Improves aging dull, inelastic skin

Diluted pigmentation, whitening even color;

Leaves the skin tissue to regenerate quickly and smoothes out fine lines on the face to make the skin smooth and supple

Can refine the pores, eliminate blackheads, make the skin fresh and flexible;

Improve eye fat tablets, dark circles and bags under the eyes bags;

Improve lymphatic circulation and detoxification function;

Physical improvement:

Can dilute the elimination of stretch marks and obesity patterns;

Can get rid of the body's aging skin, stimulate blood circulation, promote skin rejuvenation to make the body delicate skin elasticity.

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