The Newest Skinny On Non-invasive Laser Fat Reduction Technologies

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The Newest Skinny On Non-invasive Laser Fat Reduction Technologies

Over the past decade, non-invasive fat reduction device technologies have been refined with cryolipolysis, radio frequency (RF), ultrasound, and laser being the top current modalities on the market. The different devices have varying mechanisms of action, but they all seek to damage or destroy fat cells, which are then eliminated by the body.

Newer 1060 nm diode laser technology offers a significant advance. Non-invasive lipolysis using diode lasers at 1060 nm delivers wavelengths that penetrate the skin and target the adipose tissue layer, damaging fat cells via thermal energy. The treatment is safe for all skin types, takes no more than 30 minutes, is very comfortable, and does not require any downtime. 

Laser lipolysis is recognized as an effective, non-surgical solution for fat removal and body reshaping. Its function lay in the ability to treat localized fat deposits and correct body asymmetries with apparent decreased risk compared to traditional liposuction. The energy emitted by the laser uses volumetric heating to destroy fat cells, contract skin and stimulate collagenases. It has been found that the 1060 nm diode laser is successful in inducing the required fat-heat and skin-heat interactions necessary for optimal results. 

This kind of device uses the 1060nm wavelength can help you do the fat removal very well and it can work on different body areas. Normally after about 3 or 5 times treatment, you will get the best slimming result.

New design with white color is very suitable in each senior clinic, and it has four handles totally can work together to get a more effective treatment result. Also, the screen is very intelligent and easy to do the operation.

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