The HIFU face and neck lifting treatment procedure

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The HIFU face and neck lifting treatment procedure

HIFU Facelifting can treat a host of aesthetic concerns from lifting and tightening the jowls to reducing the appearance of hooded eyelids. Contouring the mid-face, neck and jawline are also popular with clients.

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Share the procedure of it’s treatment:

-Meet your therapist and discuss your personal facial concerns in confidence-Complete the consultation form, medical questionnaire and sign the disclaimer

-Listen to your therapists advice about the HIFU Facelifting treatment

-Client to put on one of our comfortable treatment robes

-Client to inform the therapist and clearly indicate the areas for treatment

-Therapist to mark out the treatment area using a white marker

-Ultrasound gel is applied the the treatment area

-HIFU Facelifing machine programmed and activated

-Shots of targeted HIFU delivered to the skin using relevant HIFU cartridges (1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm)

-Client may experience slight sensation in certain areas similar the ‘pin pricks’ travelling across the skin

-Estimated treatment time will be between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours depending on the number of areas treated

-On completion of the treatment, the ultrasound gel is cleaned from the clients face

-Clients face moisturised with high quality SPF moisturiser

-Therapist explains the aftercare guide in detail whilst answering any questions the client may have

-A copy of the aftercare guide is issued to the client however, it can also be downloaded from the Aftercare Guides page on our website

-Client can now return to there normal everyday activities such as work, driving and gym as there is no downtime associated with the HIFU Face and neck lifting procedure.

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