Professional body fat analysis for totally 25 values test

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Professional body fat analysis for totally 25 values test

For our body fat analysis GS6.5, which is so popular. And we receive much feedback from our clients.

Introduction--------Body fat analysis instruments , for most beauty salons provide a necessary weapon, use of body composition analysis instruments detected the indicators of the human body , so guests are clearly aware of their situation , guests can also make clearer choices your promote projects. Professional tester host various health index measuring input to a computer, Analyzed by slimming Health Advisory Management Software. Refined according to different age groups , age factors will also be taken into account , so that the measurement results become more accurate.

Our advantages as follows:

-Huge healthy samples based on scientific research result

- Export Impedance of Each Segments & Frequencies

- Big scale colorful touch screen control panel

- Generate health report and print out through built-in thermal printer or  external ink jet printer

- The analysis process is simple, fast and safe

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