How to quickly permanent hair removal?

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How to quickly permanent hair removal?

Do you want to quickly permanent removal your body hair?

First you must have a powerful hair removal machine, but do you know which is the best laser hair removal machine for your choice?

Today we will introduce to you a powerful laser hair removal machine

how to quickly removal body hair

Summer is comming soon.

Now we updated our newest version in order to meet the demand for small salon and personal use;

For our Mini hair removal it has totally 5000 000 shots, and you can use it for long time;

Both hair removal services and skin rejuvenation available;

laser hair removal machine for home 

High Power Power: 300w

High Frequency:HR(1-3HZ)/SR(1-5Hz)

Big Spot Size: 12*15mm

Smart Screen Software Interface:3.5 TFT True Color LCD


It is popular among small salon/spa/ and home users;

Could I know whether you have the plan for adding one set for your family or small salon? 


BTW, do you have WhatsApp  so we can tallk on it directly and also video for you to check?


Any problems, please feel free to contact us, detailed catalogue is prepared for you.

Waiting for your reply, thanks.

Learn more: https://www.newangelmed.com/808nm-portable-laser-hair-removal-machine-at-home-easy-operation-pd46147196.html

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