HI EMT EMS Machine

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HI EMT Ems machine

Have you heard about the HI EMT Ems Machine before?

glad to share you the good news about the update design of the EMs machine.

The super version of double functions' Ems,
with 2 in 1 technologies EMT+EMS help to complete muscle gain and fat reduction in one go.
A unique two-in-one muscle increase and fat reduction

hiemt ems machine

The details functions of the EMT
build muscle
Muscle lifting

The details functions of theEMS
Muscle relaxation
Fat burning
The two technology are the complete combine to complete Insufficient complementarity, then reach the results of Non-invasive fat reduction and burning fat.

hiemt ems machine

Even the treatment only needs 35 mins.

It Equipped with 2 working handles for belly and 2 working handles for arms/legs
The optional pelvic handle with the functions of basin training, postpartum recovery, appreciation and privacy.

As we know the beauty devices are the newest and trends in the whole market,so now once we have the order planning, we choose the newest technology and machine,
it can help us get more and more clients.

hiemt ems machine

Is there any interesting to add this machine as a new project to your clinic? any interested in, welcome to reply us!

If you have any questions, such as technology, operation, parameter, customer review & feedback, please feel free to reply to  WhatsApp at +86 180 3429 9101. 

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