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Facial hair removal equipment portable diode laser

  • BM001
  • Newangel
  • Wavelengths: 808nm
  • Output power: 300W
  • Spot: 15 mm*10 mm
  • Cooling technology: Sapphire cooling
  • Working frequency: 1-5MHz

Laser hair removal machine on darker hair
Hot sale mini portable 808nm diode laser hair removal machine equipped lasted technology, our device utilizes upgraded technology. For small spa, salon and personal useFacial hair removal equipment working theoryFacial hair removal equipment working handle features

Portable laser hair removal machine features:

Big spot size and 5 HZ repetition rate, and the "IN-Motion" intelligent mode to bring the fastest treatment speed to 10shots per second, which will save much more time to do the treatment.

2. Effective:
a. Strong power supply, makes steady power output

b. USA Coherent imported Laser bars, high power output. (every shot, steady energy)

3. Easy to operate interface:

The smart screen on the machine, auto intelligent mode design for users. Intelligent two-mode easy operation, we made different presets for different parts of the body, sex, and skin types, even for new users, they can operate the machine easily.Facial hair removal equipment featuresFacial hair removal equipment real photos

Diode Laser Machine Specifications
Laser Wavelength 808nm diode laser
Spot size 15*10mm
Machine Power 300W
Laser Handle USA Coherent laser bars
Work Frequency 1~5HZ adjust
Energy Density 1-40J/cm⊃2;
Cooling System Sapphire cooling
Customize service OEM & ODM

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Body Sculpting Machine Operation

Body Sculpting Machine Operation

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--------Diode laser hair removal--------
Top rated laser hair removal machine for sale

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