Do you know the difference between normal Hifu and 3D Hifu?

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Do you know the difference between normal Hifu and 3D Hifu?

There are many kind of normal Hifu machines, as we both know, the HIFU machine is highly recognized in the market lately, and the normal HIFU is not very competitive anymore.


For now, lots of clients choose our this model to add or upgrade the new equipment.


Comapard with noemal Hifu, 3D Hifu with the advanced technology, the automatic system could greatly attract more clients and bring your profit very soon.


Here are more 3D Hifu advantages compared with normal Hifu:

--1 press with 1-11 lines, greatly minimize treatment time achieves the great anti-aging result.
--Different working heads for different parts precise treatment.
--Two working mode with advanced system help you operate it easily
--Friendly intelligent touch operating, can save 5 modes treatment data.
--The Longer life of the cartridges shots, 15, 000 shots of each cartridge(More 5000 shots than other machines)


Besides, equipped with 8 cartridges definitely is the most advantage of 3D Hifu machine.
Which could precisely reach different depth of treatment parts, to achieve the better treatment.


For more product details about 3D HIFU MACHINE please visit our official website: http://www.newangelmed.com/3D-HIFU-machine-for-sale-face-lift-best-price-FU4-5-4S-pd6169260.html

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