Difference from Radial and Focused shockwave machine?

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Difference from Radial and Focused shockwave machine?

Shockwave machineAccording to the results of our experiment, both shock wave therapies are worth considering in the treatment of tennis elbow (the conclusion is consistent with that formulated by Van der Worp et al. (2014) with respect to patellar tendinopathy).

Neither focused nor radial shock waves improve the function of affected tissues quickly, but they apparently initiate a chain reaction restoring physiological function to affected structures.

Focused Shock Wave Therapy (FSWT) has been used for conservative treatment of tennis elbow for over 20 years now . The number of original studies available on this subject is considerable, but optimal parameters of FSWT ensuring its effectiveness are yet to be determined The world history of Radial Shock Wave Therapy (RSWT) is much shorter. The number of original reports on its efficacy in the treatment of various conditions is steadily rising, however, it is still insufficient to enable the determination of the optimal application variables of a shock wave  Studies comparing the efficacy of both modalities applied to the same condition are even more rare

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) and radial shockwave therapy (RSWT) have many differences.

How they are used is the main difference, the type of energy along with it’s density as well as the depths into the muscle tissue.

The end result of the stimulation and the mechanism of these two therapies are similar.

ESWT wave speeds are much faster than RSWT wave speeds and ESWT waves break the sound barrier which is different than RSWT which doesn’t have a shock wave at all.

The wave forms are different too, ESWT waves are not long and not less intense like RSWT.

The ESWT is more of an acoustic wave with a very high pressured amplitude with short intense pulses while the RSWT is thought to be more of a pressure wave.

RSWT is put right onto the skin itself and waves of pressure are created along skin surfaces.

With ESWT shockwaves and force created in these machines is transferred to your skin and tissues without effect, and is focused at a specific desired depth.

RSWT is different in that it is applied to your skin and pressure waves are generated by repeatedly bouncing upon your skin with pressure wave devices, creating pressure waves through your body.

When using radial shockwaves, waves disperses through to outer tissues before getting to tissue beneath.

ESWT is a better choice of treatment when dealing with deep tissue injuries. RSWT is most effective when treating superficial injuries.

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