Cryolipolysis antifreeze membrane what specifications are available

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Cryolipolysis antifreeze membrane what specifications are available

The cryo technology is mature, classic and effect.

freezing membrane.jpg

That makes the cryo machine is more popular than ever.

Further that makes the demands of the anti-freeze membrane is huge.

Through our professional research and 15 years experience, we could offer you the best anti-freeze membrane.

About our anti-freeze membrane, we ever did test,

It with enough cooling gel and have good permeability, could not frozen in -40 degree.

This make sure the treatment has good effect based on protection of patients’ skin. 

•Each piece membrane has individual package with 3 years quality guarantee

•Each bag contains an extra smaller piece of membrane, for you to clean the cryo working handle. 

*Three size to meet different size work handle.

*OEM service to meet VIP customers requirements.

Any needs or interest, welcome you kind consultation.

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