Cryolipolysis Machine’s Principle

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Cryolipolysis Machine’s Principle

Cryolipsolysis is a non- surgical, non-invasive technique, wherein cooling of fat cells over a localized area causes the fat cells to freeze and then breakdown, resulting in potential permanent loss of the fat cells without causing any damage to the skin and surrounding tissues.

It is safest of all lipolysis techniques and has the following benefits:


No needles

No medicines injected

No anesthesia or surgical incisions

No damage to overlying skin and no metabolic changes

Can go back to routine work soon after the treatment

Quick and affordable

Women and men benefit equally.

 fat freezing treatment


During a Cryolipolysis treatment, you relax on an application bed. You could be sitting or lying down depending on the area involved in the procedure. Or, you may have to lie down on your side for the non-vacuum conformable procedure. Skin is cleaned and vacuum is applied using a well-fitting suction cup that pulls the skin towards the cooling plate, sandwiching the skin between the plates.

During the treatment, you may feel some tugging or pain sensation. They are temporary and do not require any medication. In fact, the procedure is so comfortable that you can listen to music or read a book.

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