Body analyzer machine price

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Body analyzer machine price

As the development of society, more and more people are pay attention to the healthy and nutrition, so the body analyzer are very popular in the clinic, fitness center and GYM, very popular.

As the manufacture who have our own research and develop department, guarantee you the best quality and service, for our body analyzer, it can test the output value (25) of water content, including the height, Weight , Percentage of fat tissue, Muscle mass weight, Percentage of water , Bone weight, BMI – (body mass index), BMR - basal metabolism, Weight control and so on.

The frequency is 20KHZ, 50KHZ, 100KHZ according to the clients need.

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We have been in the body analyzer for years, most of the people gave the good feedback, especially with the top quality and warranty, for the produce circle is 1 year, during this time, the technology department will do a series of clinical and destructive test, also including the software and hard ware to guarantee the perfect machine you have.

I think that the unique design is very important to open the market, any more information you need just contact us, let’s create our long-term cooperation from now on.


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