Body Composition Analyzer with printer

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Body Composition Analyzer with printer

 Nowadays, people care about their body health more and more.

It makes the Body analyzer very popular and have a great potential market. 

And our GS6.5 and GS6.6 is two of our selling which have been highly recognized by the overseas market.


In the market, there are many BCA machine with different price. Due to some manufacturers' technology is not enough, which will lead to poor product quality, inaccurate test results, etc.


As the manufacture who have own research and develop department, the unique design and precise data is very important to open the market, believe it will bring our clients more benefits.


Compared other manufacturers, we can assure our customers:

The newest advanced CE Certification and 2 years warranty.

Totally 25~26 values of body composition analysis

Highly accurate test report of whole body in under 20 seconds

Inbuilt micro thermal printer and HP Color printer included at no charge

The most professional after-sales guidance


Due to its advanced technology and convenient operation, received many praises in global market.  

 body analyzer machine price (2)

To know more info of our Body composition analyzer

Please visit more details: https://www.newangelmed.com/Multi-frequency-body-fat-analyzer-GS6-5-pd6953926.html


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