Beauty machine supplier and manufacturer from China- Newangel

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Beauty machine supplier and manufacturer from China- Newangel

Beijing Newangel Technology Co.,Ltd. company is a professional manufacturer focused on developing the beauty machine since 2003. The Company’s main product including the Hifu machine, IPL SHR OPT Machine, Cryolipolysis Machine, 808nm Diode Laser, Shock Wave Machine, Body Composition Analyzer, Derma Rolling System, Fractional rf, Oxygen Beauty Machine and Tattoo Removal Machine and so on, all of them have got European CE certificate, ISO 9001:2001, ISO 13485:2003 and some other certificates. You can check our website to get more information. 

HIFU machine is a high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment of skin problems of equipment, compared with the traditional cosmetic technology, it has penetrated into the deep SMAS fascia layer of skin tissue, skin pigmentation from the skin on the inside resolve, wrinkles and aging question skin effect, using the dedicated work of the head, may have a role in weight loss.

The Cryolipolysis machine is designed to selectively reduce stubborn fat bulges that may not respond to diet or exercise. The technology, based on the scientific principle that fat cells are more sensitive to cold that the overlying skin and surrounding tissues, more than 28.6 million people are interested in the Cryolipolysis procedure for fat reduction. We guarantee the high quality and easy to contral.Now our Cryolipolysis is available in over 70 countries worldwide and our company continues to introduce new applicators that enable more parts of the body to be treated.

Our Shock Wave Machine is a radial shock wave oscillation drive heads, can be directly applied to the tissue on the surface, this head is similar to the hammer. Treatment of pain is goodm, Its Shock wave equipment therapy is painless, so many middle-aged and  old man like to use this device to ease the pain caused by their physical aging. We just introduce several beauty machine, you can get more information on the website or send us mails and we will give you the reply immediately.

We have so many customers all over the world,such as United States,South Africa,Russia,India, England and so on.The important is we provide you the best service and warranty for all of the machine, we also have the related catalog and video,you canoperate the machine conveniently.

We are honest Newangel and provide you the beauty machine. We are waiting for your cooperation.

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